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Part of our team will be attending the following festivals to give free advice on entry visas, further leave to remain, indefinite leave to remain and British citizenship from our own gazebo.

20-21 July Victoria Park, Leicester, LE1 7RY.

3-4 August 2019 Parker's Piece, Cambridge, CB1 1NA.

10-11 August 2019 Forest Rec, Nottingham, NG7 6LB. WE HAVE HAD TO CANCEL OUR ATTENDANCE AT THIS EVENT.

17-18 August 2019 Preston Park, Brighton, BN1 6AU.

10.00-17.00 everyday.

Lek (Suthisa) will be attending the TWN conference at the Royal Thai Embassy Zurich from 24-26 May and back in the office on Tuesday 28th May after the Bank Holiday.
Today the Government announsed a plan to increase the NHS Surcharge by 100% as from 8th January 2019. This has been confirmed on 21/12/2018.
Within hours of Tony being interviewed twice by ITV Meridian for the news at 6 today the case in question has been immediately overturned by the Home Office and the visa issued. This was a case where the Home Office refused a settlement visa for a wife by applying the incorrect rule. Tony was asked for his comments on this case.
Angela has now received authorisation from the OISC to work as a qualified immigration Adviser.
As from 21st April 2017 all settlement visa applications will be processed in the UK and decisions will be made in approximately 60 working days. Please see details on our Settlement Visa page.




If known please give brief details of what you require, for example 'Applying for Tourist Visa'


Please also state your prefered method of consultation e.g. Face to face consultation, over the phone, web chat (Skype)



50- 30 minutes of advice- ideal for those with a few questions or needing general advice


100- Full hour long consultation stating what you will need to apply, what you must show etc.


If you decide to use our services or want further information on what we can do, please let us know during the consultation.

Telephone or Skype consultations are only available for spouse or partner visas, fiancee or proposed civil partner visas, family visit visas, tourist visas, applications for further leave to remain in the UK as a spouse or child, applications for settlement in these categories.






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